Fethiye is a treasure of the Turkish coast. You will most definitely receive a warm welcome here.

This town, on the turquoise coast of Turkey, has grown from a modest trading port/fishing village and fertile tomato growing area, to a rapidly expanding, vibrant town and tourist holiday destination. It offers many things to many people, from those with an interest in history and nature to those looking for sun, sea and great food. In Fethiye we are based in Fethiye Ece Marina.

Fethiye is a pretty town on the slopes of Mount Mendos (part of the Taurus Mountain range) and surrounds the bay that it has given its name to. The Gulf of Fethiye is a yachtsman’s paradise with so many sheltered anchorages, islands with crystal clear water and protected coves for a tranquil night on anchor. From here you can explore the lovely nearby bays in the direction of Göcek, or make a longer trip to Kalkan, Kaş or Kekova, which is famous for its sarcophagi.

You can also sail west in the direction of Marmaris, to Ekincik, and, if you choose, take a day trip up the Dalyan river on one of the local boats, visit the mud baths, "Turtle Beach" and ancient Caunos.

The interior is also worth visiting, so if you don't feel like sailing one day, why not rent a car and explore the surrounding countryside, or take a hike in the mountains?

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